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Pearl Chemist Group is a full-service Pharmacy providing our clients and community with exceptional service and a personal, friendly approach.

All PCG Pharmacists are highly trained and experienced in attending to the health care needs of our community and our service always comes with a smile!
As a family-run business, Pearl Chemist Group exemplifies exceptional values. Our Pharmacist-led team team is dedicated to upholding an earnest code of conduct that translates into meaningful interactions each and every day. We pride ourselves on the esteemed role we play in the community and do our utmost to serve our clients with the best personalised service possible.


Something we all have in common at PCG is our values: we’re friendly, professional, and innovative. We stay on the cutting edge of healthcare and train all staff to be up to date with the latest knowledge on healthcare, medications, and treatments. If we’re not properly informed, then we can’t give clients the best service and at PCG we are committed to providing the best service for our customers and community.
PCG celebrates diversity which is reflected in our dynamic and professional team of pharmacy staff. Not only do we celebrate diversity in our staff, but also in our approach to working with clients. We welcome forward-thinking and innovative staff members who align with our progressive values.


We’re passionate about our mission and proud of what we’ve achieved. By providing friendly service, our customers receive a high-quality personalised experience that positively impacts our customer relations and improves our public image.
Providing professional and helpful healthcare service to customers is at the heart of everything we do. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve and, at the same time, treat each team member with equal regard.
As curious minds, we continually learn through data, research, and experience. Staying up to date with the latest medications, treatments, and healthcare trends keeps us at the top of our game so we can provide unsurpassed service for our customers.
We always keep the door open to fresh ideas and new delivery methods that can benefit the health and life of our customers.


Life isn’t all about work.

We understand that having a balance between your career and your personal life is mutually beneficial. That’s why we take pleasure in supporting our team when taking holidays, starting families, staying healthy, and learning new skills.

As a family-run business, PCG strives to create a work environment that promotes both professional and personal well being.