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Join the Pearl Chemist team to excel in the workplace and diversify your skills as a pharmacist and healthcare professional.

Pearl Chemist Group offers ongoing training and development to improve the clinical and managerial skills of our staff. This gives everyone the opportunity to learn new skills and be successful in the workplace.

Through our GPhC Training Programme, Apprenticeships, and Return to Work Opportunities, there are a variety of prospects at PCG to pursue a vibrant career as a Pharmacist.


We take pride in providing excellent support and instruction for pharmacists in training at PCG. Our objective focuses on supporting your success for the GPhC final exam.
To help students prepare for the exam to meet the GPhC performance standards, we have an excellent team of clinical and community-based tutors to help you prepare. Formal study days with tutors and peers are designed to provide up-to-date resources, peer-to-peer sharing, continued learning opportunities and support to give you a comprehensive set of tools to equip you adequately for excelling.

Return to Work Opportunities

Are you a recent Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education
(CPPE) graduate looking to start your career?
At Pearl Chemist Group, we look for the best candidates to bring on board. We offer on-the-job training to
get newly qualified trainees proficient in their role as practicing Pharmacists.


If you are contemplating a return to pharmacy practice following a break of more than twelve months, you will have to comply with the most recent GPhC standards and show evidence of current competence.
PCG offers Pharmacist Return to Practice courses, work shadowing, and mentoring to help qualified candidates enhance their knowledge and skills to become successful PCG Pharmacists.


If you are interested in gaining experience as a Pharmacy Assistant, Healthcare Assistant, or Dispensing Assistant then an apprenticeship can offer valuable insight and hand-on application to acquire skills and experience needed to excel in a professional pharmaceutical environment.

As an added incentive for members of the PCG team, the best performing pharmacists are given the opportunity to advance their clinical skills via sponsored GPHC Accredited courses such as Healthcare Assistant, Dispensing Assistant, Dispenser, or Pharmacy Technician.

Our pharmacists are the foundation of PCG, which is why we encourage and facilitate growth opportunities and continued learning for our staff who collectively help diversify the skills and services we offer as healthcare providers.

Browse our current position openings now and invest yourself in the prospects of expanding possibilities!