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Pearl Chemist Group (PCG) embraces an exceptional standard of quality care that each of our pharmacists maintains at our 20 pharmacy locations in South London.

Our pharmacists are highly trained and work closely with health care professionals to advise our patients on the best treatment options as well as how to use medicines safely and effectively.


We take pride in providing excellent support and instruction for pharmacists in training at PCG. Our General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Assessment Programme equips trainees with clinical and managerial skills to ensure a long, rewarding, and successful career in Pharmacy!


PCG has continued to evolve and grow while keeping close-knit connections between each of our independently owned and operated branches. This gives us the ability to create a friendly and supportive environment to support the careers of PCG Trainee Pharmacists.

Our Trainee Pharmacists are the future of Pearl Chemist Group and what we represent.

Our Trainee Pharmacists are the future of
Pearl Chemist Group and what we represent

“We deliver professional, friendly and personal service whilst
extending the ethics of our family-run PCG foundation.”
When you join our team, you become part of the PCG family and community.


To help students prepare for the exam to meet the GPhC performance standards, the PCG Pre-Registration Assessment Programme has an excellent team of clinical and community-based tutors who gauge the individual training needs of each trainee and offer extra guidance (one-on-one) as needed.
The programme has been designed to help GPhC pre-registration trainees become confident and competent qualified Pharmacists. It also develops and equips trainees with important leadership and management skills that are essential when working as a team.
To ensure that we comply with the GPhC Pre-Registration Assessment Programme and cover all aspects of the syllabus:
  • We provide tutor support with regular training days to cover the information needed so students can pass the exam.
  • One-on-one training is also available to supplement regular meetings.
  • We set aside 5 hours per week for trainees to use for studying which supplement regular training days.
What Are the Benefits of the PCG Trainee Pharmacist Programme?
  • In addition to the course preparation, you can also experience other clinical services provided by other Pharmacies within the company and gain accreditation for some services such as smoking cessation.
  • We consistently achieve an above-average pass rate and many of our Pre-Reg Pharmacists have gone on to join the Pearl Chemist Group. Every year we offer employment to the best performing trainees post successful qualification.

If you have any questions about our General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) Assessment Programme or are
interested in building lasting career connections please e-mail