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In this digital age, it is more important to provide digital solutions for the people companies serve.

In this digital age, it is more important to provide digital solutions for the people companies serve.

In this increasingly digital age, it is more important than ever to provide digital solutions for the people companies serve. The public’s expectations when it comes to obtaining products and services has drastically changed in recent years so companies that want to stay relevant and in-demand must evolve.


That is why Pearl Chemist Group is pleased to announce the massive investment they have put into enhancing the digitisation of their services. Recognising that the future of healthcare is digital, they have teamed up with their marketing partner of over a decade, Haarty Hanks, to roll out this technological revolution of their services.

If the lockdown restrictions taught us anything, it is that being able to manage healthcare remotely is a benefit most of us do not want to give up. Companies and organisations, including those in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, had to rapidly deploy new technology in the wake of lockdown restrictions. Even though these technologies were designed to help people continue their daily lives whilst practising social distancing measures, the world soon realised how much easier these alternatives made their lives. The new digital solutions also made patients and consumers feel more involved and in control of their healthcare with patients consistently reporting higher rates of satisfaction under this autonomous agreement.

Mayank Patel, CEO and Superintendent Pharmacist of Pearl Chemist Group, had this to say:

“We realise the kind of service customers expect generated by post Covid automation is here to stay and that provides us with a unique opportunity to harness the current momentum of our digitisation and expand our pharmacy offerings using digital innovation. Our goal is to be leaders in the clicks and mortar age, redefining and delivering the concept of convenience with our partners Haarty Hanks. We are paving a way forward that not only enhances the customer experience, but also instils a sense of autonomy whilst easing the workload of our staff. It’s a win for everyone”

Pearl Chemist Group has always placed the demands and needs of their customers first which is why they have invested so heavily into these upgrades. To ensure they continue to stay on the leading edge of pharmaceutical services, PCG has undertaken a complete overhaul of their online presence and digital services. The first step in this strategy has been to combine their two existing websites into one that is more streamlined and intuitive for users, giving them a comprehensive central hub.

The second step has been to make it easier for patients and consumers to liaise directly with Pearl Chemist Group. By adding in a live chat function on their new website, patients are no longer tied to their phones and can communicate with one of PCG’s knowledgeable and friendly members of staff at a time and place that suits them. Studies have shown that younger generations find messenger and chat options preferrable to phoning, so much so that they will opt for a company that provides chat services over one that does not.

Following this trend, PCG’s comprehensive services can now be booked through an all-new online diary booking system. Patients find online booking systems to be far more convenient and preferable because they can easily book an appointment at a time or location that works for them, all with just a few clicks of a mouse or a finger.

Another aspect of healthcare PCG has made easier for its patients is the ability to order repeat prescriptions online. Gone are the days of travelling between GP surgeries and pharmacies each month to collect repeat prescriptions. Now, patients have the option to order their NHS prescriptions with free delivery through PCG’s website or through third party apps like Healthera. This saves considerable time and stress when it comes to obtaining refills of the medications people receive on a regular basis.

Pearl Chemist Group is no stranger to technological advances when it comes to improving their services. For the past five years, they have been working behind the scenes to expand automation allowing them to serve their increasing client base more effectively. This began with automating the production and packaging of their monitored dosage systems and quickly spread to cover the regular dispensing and packaging for many oof their branches.
These investments quickly paid for themselves because the more automation that was utilised, the more product, turnover, and profits there were.

With this proven track record of technology enhancing production, profits, and customer satisfaction rates, PCG is confident their latest investments in customer-centric digital commerce will be a resounding success.

About Pearl Chemist Group:

Pearl Chemist Group is a fast-growing independent pharmacy group with 20 branches in Southwest London and Surrey. A family run business, they have an impressive history of using pioneering new technology to provide first-class services to their patients and their local communities.

About Haarty Hanks:

Haarty Hanks is a boutique advertising and marketing firm based in London that specialises in all things digital. They are staffed by a diverse group of talented individuals who work together to create, execute, and manage proven strategies across the digital marketing landscape.