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Dispensing Assistant

Full Time
Posted 9 months ago

1. Job Details

Job Title: Dispensing Assistant – NVQ2

Responsible to: Pharmacist Manager, Pharmacist or Dispensing Technician.

2. Job Purpose

To carry out dispensing duties under the supervision of a qualified pharmacist.

3. Qualifications

Medicine Counter Assistant Course and/or NVQ2- equivalent Pharmacy Services

4. Main Tasks

1. To provide a courteous, confidential and professional service to all pharmacy customers.
2. To ensure all prescriptions are dispensed accurately and in a timely manner.
3. To maintain a high standard of appearance of the pharmacy.
4. To monitor stock levels and adapt orders appropriately.
5. To carry out dispensary administrative tasks, where applicable.
6. To adhere to Company Standard Operating Procedures and policies, Health and Safety regulations and legal and
ethical requirements affecting pharmacy.

5. Specific Duties Dispensary

1. Check that receipt of prescriptions at the medicines counter has been correctly performed and verify stock
availability on acceptance of prescription.
2. Ensure the prescription is labelled, assembled and forwarded for checking, accurately and without undue delay,
in accordance with all relevant Standard Operating Procedures.
3. Identify correctly the customer / patient to receive the medication dispensed and counsel them on the use of
their prescribed items, where appropriate.
4. Ensure all relevant documentation is completed, including register entries and accurate endorsement of the
prescription if trained so to do.
5. Dispense items into compliance aids or monitored dosage systems, when appropriate.
6. Facilitate the ordering, collection and delivery of repeat prescriptions, ensuring full records are maintained
and patient consent has been given.
7. Order both drugs and containers when required from the appropriate suppliers, maintaining adequate stock levels
to keep owings to a minimum.
8. Check the expiry date and computer stock levels of all dispensary items on a regular basis, verifying stock-
rotation procedures are effective.
9. NHS Smartcard – If you are an existing NHS Smartcard holder, you will be required to use it. If not, one will be
provided to you.

Branch Operations
1. Perform diagnostic tests or health check assessments (if trained so to do), including the recalibration and
maintenance of the equipment used.
2. Participate in CCG schemes, where applicable.
3. Where authorised, complete all end of day / month paperwork in a timely manner. This may include preparing
prescriptions for submission to the PPA, the branch report and CCG claim forms.
4. Respond appropriately to customer needs, politely and efficiently, by asking appropriate questions, following
the Standard Operating Procedures for Sale of Medicines and Supporting Self-care, recording advice on customers’
patient medication records (PMR) when applicable and taking appropriate action if a product is not available.
5. Refer customers on to other healthcare professionals, including the pharmacist, following the Standard Operating
Procedure for Sign-Posting and recording details on their PMR, where appropriate.
6. Advise on healthy lifestyles, giving accurate up-to-date information, following the Standard Operating Procedure
for Promotion of Healthy Lifestyles, recording advice on the customer’s PMR.
7. Make sales in accordance with the Company security rules regarding the use of the till, checking bank notes and
processing card transactions.
8. Complete other sales duties in accordance with Dispensing Assistant job description.
9. Follow COSHH regulations at all times and be able to recognise and handle hazardous goods.
10. Handle returned medicines, waste and rubbish appropriately, dealing with spillage and debris efficiently and
11. Carry out good housekeeping procedures regularly and effectively maintaining the appearance of the shop and
other areas.

6. General

The Company expects all employees to work to the best of their ability, showing enthusiasm, assisting fellow employees and endeavouring to maintain a high standard of work ethics and commitment.

All employees should have a good working knowledge of the Company’s Standard Operating Procedures and policies (including Code of Conduct, Data Protection and Confidentiality, Health and Safety regulations), working practices and the legal and ethical requirements affecting pharmacy relevant to their role. These should be followed at all times.

All employees are expected to show interest in furthering knowledge and be willing to attend training courses as requested by management or the training officer.

All employees are expected to make every effort to maintain good teamwork, discussing difficulties and working relationships promptly with the Pharmacist Manager, Line Manager or Dispensing Technician.

7. Review

This job description sets out the current duties of the Dispensing Assistant – NVQ2 that may vary from time to time without changing the general character of the position or the level of responsibility entailed.

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